Exclusive for Existing On-Set Video Ops

With our Custom Setup service,
you can utilize SetLink Live under
your own name and website.

Be Different

Asking Producers to log in to someone else's website to view your stream encourages them to research your provider directly.

For example, it's hard to charge $500/day for an EverCast room that only costs $1000/month.

And asking them to log in to a QTake Web Server doesn't differentiate you from every other video assist operator out there.


Be The Expert

Your domain.  Your website.  Your branding.  Your name.

As far as Producers are concerned, this is your service.  And it is!

Modern Motion, the team behind SetLink Live, are on-set computer and video professionals like you.  We've spent the first four months of the pandemic researching and building the ideal platform for streaming high quality, low latency video from set to stake holders anywhere on Earth.

And now you can run this service as your own.

With wholesale pricing from us, you can set a competitive price to Production, and still make a healthy margin.

You can use your own gear - as simple as a laptop and capture card.  Or sub-rent a fully configured go-kit from us.